Reminders Export Disabled

Last Updated: May 05, 2014 03:04PM CEST

This page relates to users who are running Things for Mac 2.1 (or later) on OS X 10.8 or 10.9.

With the release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Apple removed to-dos from the Calendar and put them into the separate Reminders app.

This change apparently also resulted in a bug which would cause Things for Mac to become very slow and unresponsive when the “Export to Reminders” feature was turned on (import was not affected). We have not been able to reproduce this behavior reliably to determine the exact cause. From what we can tell, however, it appears to be an issue in OS X Mountain Lion. The problem hasn’t affected everyone, but for a considerable number of users it has led to a very poor experience with Things for Mac. We have therefore decided to remove the “Export to Reminders” feature entirely with our 2.1 release.

Technical problems aside, we feel that this feature is also much less useful than it used to be. Originally, the export functionality in Things for Mac was intended to be used with iCal. It allowed you to see your to-dos alongside all your calendar events and work through your day from within a single app, but Apple’s removal of to-dos from iCal rendered that workflow obsolete.

After removing the feature, we solicited feedback from customers regarding the change. We received around 100 emails in response to this. Some of the use cases that customers shared are below, including the number of people who mentioned each:

  • Seeing the Today list alongside calendars (22)
  • Seeing the Today list on devices where Things isn’t available, or in organizations where Things Cloud isn’t allowed (21)
  • Creating timed alerts for to-dos (20)
  • Tracking the time spent on to-dos (10)
  • Creating location-based alerts for to-dos (5)
  • Viewing to-dos in a browser (4)
  • Sharing to-dos with people who don’t use Things (4)

Some of the ways that Reminders export allowed customers to achieve these goals were workarounds that we hadn’t envisioned. However, learning about the creative use of Things as a part of these solutions was very valuable to us.

While we can’t promise that future additions to Things will include features that assist with these particular use cases, we’ll be keeping these ideas in mind going forward.

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